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A new beginning in nature

Spring in the Isarco Valley

From the farmers’ point of view, spring represents a new beginning. Every year, we have the opportunity to try out new experiments, to start with something new and to continue what is tried and tested or to improve it. Spring is a time that involves plenty of planning, where space and manpower, time and effort are calculated. As a guest here at the farm Marxenhof you have the chance to experience a new beginning in nature and at work. The blossoming period as a highly euphoric expression of the plant world is probably the highlight of spring. A truly breath-taking sight during this time …

… the frosty nights are dreaded by farmers. If the temperature falls below 0° C, frost irrigation must be switched on at night to protect the flowers from the cold with the freezing water. These are special nights that often keep farmers awake and remind us again and again how powerless we are against nature and the climate. The next morning, all worries are forgotten, when you look into the fields, and you are amazed at the sight of frozen flowers …

Hiking and cycling are particularly pleasant activities in spring, as the still moderate temperatures allow you to breathe freely. The marvellous landscapes remind you to take breaks and enjoy the views. Furthermore, the city of Bressanone strives to offer an extensive entertainment programme with a variety of events, such as the Water Light Festival, and much more. more schließen

Holidays in Bressanone

A vacation on an organic farm

Holidays on an organic farm make it easy to fulfil all your holiday wishes. Relaxation and wellness can smoothly be combined with leisure activities and adventures during your vacation in Bressanone. The surrounding nature is simply perfect for hikers as well as for cyclists. Well-marked hiking trails and bike tours lead you to fabulous viewpoints and historical sights. If you wish to cool off during the summer months, we recommend a dip in the natural swimming pond or a visit to the largest adventure pool in South Tyrol – the Acquarena in Bressanone.

Summer is a true highlight of life, a time of full splendour and lush green, and also a high time for farmers. Everything is sprouting and blooming! Each plant wants to express its being and stretches towards the sun. The vegetable gardens thrive and feed us. It is a special moment to enjoy the first vegetables from your own gardens and fields. A particularly precious taste that comes from the generosity of nature and our own efforts.

Besides all the hard work that, especially for us farmers, never ends – in the warm season, the mountains shine in a midsummer glory and invite you to enjoy their cool slopes and to let your gaze wander into the striking Dolomites. The mountain slopes are ideal for long hikes to the peaks of the southern side of the Alps, as well as for short walks to the many mountain lodges and alpine huts, which welcome hikers with traditional South Tyrolean dishes. Meanwhile, many hiking trails are also easily accessible by bike – There is so much to discover in the woods for the more adventurous cyclists. Especially Mount Plose – the local mountain of Bressanone – stands at the forefront when it comes to cycling and offers many opportunities to have fun on two wheels. Mount Plose also offers ideal conditions for families and older people for relaxed yet exciting hikes with a magnificent panorama of the Dolomites. While on Mount Plose you’ll find a certain degree of infrastructures to meet a wide variety of needs, the region around Radlsee on the opposite side of the valley is still a very natural area that invites you to embark on somewhat more challenging hikes.

Once arrived at Radlsee, you may wonderfully relax, surrounded by all the elements. A dip into the ice-cold mountain water, a couple of delicious dumplings at the mountain lodge Radlseehütte, bright sunshine and a breath-taking panorama of the Dolomites are well worth the effort of the steep hike. For a more leisurely experience, there are some places to take a swim. The outdoor pool Acquarena in Bressanone, which can be reached in 10 minutes from the farm Marxenhof and offers you free admission with the BrixenCard, invites you to cool off and have fun in its spacious pools every day. The natural swimming pond in Luson offers another alternative, a somewhat more familiar way to cool off on hot summer days. In the towns and villages there are all kinds of cultural activities and festivals that liven up your summertime experience. And the farm Marxenhof is a wonderful place to simply relax, indulge, do nothing, and unwind. In the garden, under the walnut tree, under the fig tree or on the balcony – the farm Marxenhof offers the perfect mix between action and relaxation! more schließen
Holidays in Bressanone - A culinary festival

Holidays in Bressanone

A culinary festival

We all know that spending time in the fresh mountain air whets your appetite. The hiking trails are lined with quaint places to stop for a break. They welcome you not only with their typical South Tyrolean cuisine, but also with the genuine hospitality of the South Tyrolean people. Bressanone is known throughout the country for its lovely wines, which are served in many taverns together with classic specialties such as Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli filled with spinach) or spinach dumplings.

Holidays in Bressanone - A culinary festival

A culinary highlight

Autumn in the Isarco Valley in South Tyrol

Autumn is a culinary highlight of the year. The food grown with a lot of dedication, passion and a bit of good luck is now harvested and processed. According to an old custom, many South Tyrolean farmers – especially in the Isarco Valley – invite you to the popular tradition of ‘Törggelen’. The freshly pressed wine plays a very special role and is tasted and enjoyed. The menus are filled with South Tyrolean specialties such as dumplings, filled ravioli, home-made sausages, sweet donuts, and roasted chestnuts. A hike through the wonderfully coloured forests along the so-called “Keschtnweg” (Chestnut Trail) offers a unique experience. The centuries-old chestnut trees that line the trail tell many stories about the past and the present, but also about our uncertain future …

… It is an enchanting moment that invites us to reflect on our relationship to nature and to meet it with devotion and devotion. At the farm Marxenhof, the apple and vegetable harvests are in full swing at the end of August. The harvest represents an intense moment in the annual cycle. The fruits of our efforts are being reaped. It’s a moment of joy and reflection. It is a moment of gratitude in which we remember how deeply we owe nature and how much we ask of it and how generously it gives again and again. As soon as it gets dark and there is a bit of calm, a pan of freshly collected chestnuts or ‘Keschtn’, as they say in South Tyrol, is often roasted over a fire. With a spicy hot apple juice, the chestnuts taste very special. The views of the clear South Tyrolean autumn sky, which is modelled on the remaining deciduous forests in a very particular dress, let your thoughts wander and dream of a life in harmony with nature. Autumn is not only celebrated at the farm Marxenhof, the city of Bressanone also strives to welcome this season and its abundance with the Bread & Strudel Market. It refers to ancient traditions and South Tyrolean customs and offers children a great experience. There is plenty of traditional folk music and the main square in Bressanone awaits you in all its autumnal splendour. There is also a great festival for e-bikers and mountain bikers, where many enthusiasts come together and live their passion. As you can see, autumn in South Tyrol is truly enchanting … more schließen

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