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Weather forecast

Today's weather forecast, 2024/02/22: Cloudy with first precipitation
Today's weather forecast, 2024/02/22
General weather conditions

South Tyrol will come under a humid south-westerly current in the approach of a massive low-pressure complex over Western Europe.

Today's weather

Clouds will predominate and some precipitation will fall in some areas during the day, especially in the morning and evening. The snow line will be between 1000 and 1300 m. It will start to rain and snow widely on Friday night.

Forecast for tomorrow, 2024/02/23: Rain and snowfall
Forecast for tomorrow, 2024/02/23
General weather conditions

A depression will bring bad weather conditions.

Tomorrow's weather

Perturbed weather with widespread precipitation, especially in the morning. Snowline between 600 and 1000 m altitude. The heaviest precipitation will be in the central and southern sectors of the territory. In the course of the afternoon/evening, the precipitation will tend to subside.

Forecast for the coming days: Friday rain and snowfall
Cloudy, sleetVery cloudyDull, sleetVery cloudy

On Saturday there will be a mixture of lots of clouds, some sunny spells and a few possible showers, especially in the afternoon/evening. Snow line around 1000 m. Sunday cloudy to very cloudy with a few showers. Monday will be cloudy and, from today's perspective, new precipitation will spread from the south during the course of the day. It will remain changeable on Tuesday. Temperatures will again be average for the time of year.

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